The Presidency intends to strengthen the importance of education and training in promoting economic growth, investments and well-being. In this regard the Presidency focuses on providing a new impetus for strengthening the education agenda in the context of the Europe 2020 Strategy and achieving the objectives that have been set. This should be done through developing a closer link between the Europe 2020 Strategy and the Strategic Framework for European cooperation in education and training (ET 2020).

ET 2020 Joint Report 2015 will not only assess the overall progress of the Strategic Framework in the form of an interim evaluation, but will have a much more forward-looking approach by seeking to establish priority areas and fields for cooperation during the next work cycle. The Presidency will facilitate discussions, and give input to the preparation of the Joint Report 2015.

The Presidency will continue working on enhanced cooperation in vocational education and training, with regard to both previous achievements and current discussions on the future of vocational education and training. It aims to strengthen cooperation in this sector among the EU Member States, candidate countries, EEA member countries, and social partners in order to ensure that education systems are able to provide people with the skills and competences they need in order to be able to succeed in the labor market.

The Presidency intends to further support the internationalization of higher education. This will be achieved by strengthening international co-operation between European and Asian countries when holding the 5th ASEM Education Ministers’ Meeting in Riga. The discussions will highlight the results and outcome of the ASEM Education Process since the 4th ASEM Education Ministers’ Meeting (ASEMME4). The ministers will also discuss the priorities and activities for the next years in order to ensure closer cooperation among the ASEM countries and to improve comparability between different education systems in both regions. 

In light of strengthening the cooperation in higher education and vocational education and training, the meeting of EU – Central Asia ministers responsible for education is planned.

Furthermore, an evaluation of the Bologna process is expected in the field of higher education with a view to preparing for the Bologna Ministerial Conference to be held in Yerevan, Armenia.

Recognizing the pre-school and primary school age as being of key importance for a child’s personal and intellectual development, the Presidency intends to address the role of early childhood education and primary education in fostering creativity, innovation and digital competence. The Presidency will strive for the adoption of the Council conclusions on this issue.

Having in mind that the EU Member States are comprised of regions and territories that require different financial solutions in regard to ensuring access to education and the uniformity of its levels of quality, the Presidency intends to hold discussions on the accessibility of education and effectiveness of investments. Last, but not least, the Presidency will explore the possibility to facilitate discussions on issues related to transparency and the recognition of skills and qualifications for mobility and employability and the way forward for EU policies.


November 10-11: 1st Senior Officials' Meeting for the 5th ASEM Education Ministers' Meeting

December 17-18: Meeting of the High Level Group on Education and Training

January 26-27: Meeting of the Bologna Follow-up Group

March 3-5: Joint 17th ELGPN Plenary

March 12-13: Meeting of the Directors General for Higher Education

March 24-25: Meeting of the Bologna Follow-up Group

April 20-21: Meeting of the Directors General for Vocational Education and Training

April 26: 2nd Senior Officials' Meeting for the 5th ASEM Education Ministers' Meeting

April 27-28 5th: ASEM Education Ministers' Meeting

May 5-6: Meeting of the Directors General for Schools

May 18-19: Education, Youth, Culture and Sports Council, Brussels

May 27-28: International Conference on ICT for Information Accessibility in Learning

June 17-18: 6th EQAVET Annual Forum

June 22: Meeting of Ministers in charge of Vocational Education and Training, the European Social Partners and the European Commission

June 25-26: Meeting of Ministers of Central Asia and EU for Education

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