We realize the importance of the European space policy within the context of the main priorities of the Latvian Presidency. Along the lines with the decision of the Competitiveness Council in December 2014, the Presidency supports a comprehensive space policy.

Broader discussions on the future development of an integrated and comprehensive EU Space Strategy, bringing together the efforts of individual Member States and EU policy instruments. In the field of space policy, we follow the evolution of discussions in the Council on future relations between the EU and the European Space Agency, and possible lines of action on the way forward.

The Presidency recalls that the Galileo and Copernicus Programmes are expected to create substantial market opportunities for European industry and small and medium-sized enterprises through the development of downstream services and applications, which require continuous and sustained access to data. Therefore we see a need to continue this discussion. At the same time, it’s essential to continue the discussion on high resolution Earth observation satellite data in order to facilitate fair and reliable access and free circulation of data throughout the EU. 


March 3-4: Competitiveness Council, Brussels

April 30 – May 10: European Space Expo 2015
The travelling exhibition European Space Expo has visited various European cities and has been seen by more than 500 000 visitors. Organized by the European Commission, the Expo uses an engaging and entertaining language to show how European space policy and space-based technologies benefit our everyday lives and economy in general. The programme at the Expo is free of charge and covers thematic evenings, guided tours and workshops.

May 28-29: Competitiveness Council, Brussels

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