In the field of sport, the Presidency works on the implementation of the EU Work Plan for Sport 2014-2017. The role of grassroots sport will be emphasized as an instrument for the development of European human capital, especially with regard to young people. It contributes towards acquiring and developing transversal skills that   can enhance employability   and   personal and professional development of individuals. The Presidency plans to propose that Council conclusions on this topic be approved. The Presidency intends to continue discussions on strengthening a healthy lifestyle among people of all ages and encouraging lifelong participation in sports. In this regard, discussions and an exchange of experiences are planned on efficient models of cooperation between public authorities and sports movements in Member States. The Presidency will follow  the  progress   of  the  finalization of the  Council of Europe Convention  on the Manipulation  of Sports Competitions, and  in the  area  of anti-doping the  Presidency  will continue to ensure that the EU and its Member States  cooperate and  coordinate  effectively in order to remain a strong voice in the World Anti-Doping Agency.


February 16: EU Sport conference “Sport and Physical Activity for Development of Human Capital”
Emphasizing the role of grassroots sport in promoting social integration, reduction of inequality and developing skills for employability, the conference brings together policymakers, sports NGOs and academics to share examples of good practice and define new challenges and opportunities.

February 17: Meeting of the Directors General for Sports
The meeting of the Directors General for Sports traditionally takes place immediately after the informal EU sports event. The outcomes of the EU Sport conference, implementation of the revised World Anti-doping Code 2015, anti-doping in recreational sport and the European Week of Sport will be the main topics on the agenda. The Presidency will also bring for discussion the development aspects of new and emerging types of non-traditional sports, such as street sports.

May 18-19: Education, Youth, Culture and Sports Council, Brussels

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