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Student Used at Hospitals

It may be that this is the most important topic of study in the post-industrial era, – computer scientist Niklaus Emil Wirth, one of the world’s most influential informatics thinkers, has said about software design. These words were kept in mind by Progmeistars, a company that trains Latvian school pupils who have won Olympiads in software design. Many successful software designers have begun their careers here, and one of the Progmeistars programme’s most brilliant graduates is Aleksandrs Šidlovskis.Over the past year Aleksandrs has created software that allows medical institutions in Latvia to visualise radiological examinations.


“It was certainly the most important turning point in my life,” Aleksandrs says about Progmeistars. He took the highly rated courses while attending school from the 6th to the 10th grade, confident that software design would be his profession. After graduating from secondary school, Aleksandrs studied in Denmark and Scotland, where he received, with distinction, a bachelor’s degree in computing science from the University of Glasgow. Of great importance in his success were the foundations of software design that he learned at the Progmeistars programme. While still enrolled at university,


Aleksandrs began to work as a software designer to earn spending money. After graduation, he joined a company that designs software for medical institutions.

Aleksandrs’ software is now used to visualise radiological examinations, and it is part of the data archive of medical diagnostics established by the DataMed company in Latvia. This is a centralised bank of information to which medical institutions can send laboratory, cardiology, radiology and other examinations for storage, access, and forwarding to other medical institutions.