Powered by Education: 12 Stories from Latvia

Education is a force that can be seen in full colour once it is combined with ambitious people who have come up with sustainable ideas. From drones and combat robots to satellites in outer space, an innovative way of measuring the quality of education and a crafts school of high international standards, these are 12 Latvian success stories about people and their remarkable achievements – all very much powered by education.


The exhibition that has been organised by the Latvian Ministry of Education and Science looks at outstanding elements of the educational sector at various levels – higher education institutions, general and vocational secondary and basic education institutions, and leisure education centres. Each story focuses on one specific figure whose personal and professional investment has been decisive in creating a unique product, establishing a new initiative, or developing various areas of the education sector.


The heroes of these 12 stories – Aigars Krauze, Aleksandrs Šidlovskis, Aleksandrs Urbahs, Andrejs Grants, Annija Kalnbirze, Arvīds Verza, Fionn Dobbin, Kaspars Jursons, Valdis Zuters, Vitālijs Skrīvelis, Vitolds Bīriņš and Zanda Švēde – along with their students, pupils, instructors and partners, have all been pillars of support for Latvia’s educational system as a whole. Because outstanding achievements are always sources of pure inspiration.